Sunday, November 15, 2009

Belly Pics

We're still a few weeks away from finding out the sex. We learn if we're team pink or team blue on Nov. 30th.

As of today 11/15- I'm am 18 weeks pregnant!

Here are some belly pics:

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Birthday Bash

Well, the good news is that we've acquired another laptop, so the lack of postings on the blog, Jen's Facebook, and my Twitter should get back to normal now. A posting of our anniversary trip to Maine will come eventually (for those who don't have FB and didn't see Jen's pics on her page) but currently, those pictures are trapped on the hard drive of our OTHER laptop (which has sent in its letter of resignation) and we will eventually see them freed ("FREEDOM!!") by the geeks at the Geek Squad.

But enough of the past, its time to talk about the present, or actually, the more recent past. I turned 33 a couple of weeks ago. Holy Mother of God. THIRTY-THREE!!! I've told my mother that instead of saying the actual age, I like to mention it in the theme of jersey numbers of famous athletes. So I turned Larry Bird this year. It just sounds better, doesn't it? Magic Johnson last year. Larry Bird this year. Lets hope I make it to Wayne Gretzky.

Its not fun getting older. But thanks to Jen, my wonderful (and pregnant) wife, we managed to have a celebration of my birth that involved my child-like id. In fact, I think the email invitation to our friends said something to the effect of, "Mike's turning 33, but he still wants to be a child, so help him celebrate by coming over to play video games with him."

And she's right. I'm 33, sorry, Larry Bird, but one of my favorite possessions continues to be our Wii video game system. I have entirely too many games for it, PLUS, we have the best party game ever in the form of Rock Band 2.

(By the way, that sound that you hear right now is my father's head hitting the ceiling as he realizes that he has a 33 year old son who plays video games consistently. Sorry, Dad. Must be a generational thing...)

Anyways, its been stated before in this forum that Rock Band 2 might be one of the best purchases we have made. Its always fun to play, people who normally don't like to sing karaoke can't help themselves in front of the mic, or they get behind the drums or on the guitar, and fun instantly erupts. As you can imagine, this was THE game that got everyone involved at my party. Below are the pics from everybody rockin' out, and thanks to everyone for making my 33rd birthday a rousing success.

Me and my Molson

Carlos and Elisa

Me, my co-worker Jim and James

Nick (on mic) Laura (on drums) and Jon

Lord only knows what Dawn is singing here... =)

Here, however, its Kickstart My Heart by Motley Crue, i.e. one of the best songs on this game. That's Andy on guitar.

Jen and Cooper checking everyone out

Dawn, my co-worker Jen, Jim, me and Jen's boyfriend John

Jim and John probably playing something funky.

Jen's singing here, so possibly Lucinda Williams?

My beautiful cake, from my beautiful wife

Dawn never sings karaoke, but she's all about Rock Band

Cooper happy to have everyone over!

When most folks left, Jen and I, along with James, Laura, Andy and Dawn hung out to play Cranium. We always team Andy and Dawn up during these times, because they are hilarious partners.

Exhibit A of what I just said.

Whatever Dawn is humming, we apparently find hilarious.

At the end of the night, Cooper just wanted to cuddle with Baby Watts