Monday, October 5, 2009

Update and Ultrasound pics!

Hi All-

We just had the 12 week ultra sound this morning (10/5) at the hospital... It looked like even more of a baby this time.

We saw it wiggle it's arms and head.. It was so cool.

The showed us the baby's profile and the top of the head.. Its brain and everything is developing as it should and the neck looks good too.

The baby is measuring at a due date of April 14th now. We go back to my doctor next Monday and she'll decide whether or not to change the due date.
This is our first appointment at the hospital. It was really nice and everyone there was really friendly. It's St Luke's Roosevelt Hospital on the Upper Westside of Manhattan. It's where I will eventually deliver.

Here's a look at all of my ultrasounds starting with the first:

First Ultrasound- 6 weeks - taken on 8/24/09

Second Ultrasound- 9 weeks - taken on 9/14/09

Third Ultrasound- 12 weeks - taken on 10/5/09 - Body Length and profile